Experienced Craft CMS and Laravel Developer

I am Niek ten Hoopen and I am happy to help you with building websites and web applications that really make a difference. I work with Craft CMS and Laravel. My passion lies in projects focused on sustainability and social impact. 

Read more about me here or about my core values.

Niek ten Hoopen

How can I help you?

  • Development of custom web applications with Laravel.
  • Development of websites based on Craft CMS.
  • Support in the website and web application construction process.
  • Leading a project team for the development of digital solutions.

I enjoy collaborating with talented designers, copywriters, and marketers to develop a good website together. Thanks to my extensive experience, I can look beyond just the technical aspects. I like to think along with you about strategic and creative angles.

Let's meet!

Let's schedule a meeting to discuss your ideas. I consciously choose not to list my phone number on the site so that I can focus on working on projects. Calling is absolutely no problem – let's plan a call appointment together.

Are you a designer, marketer, or an agency looking to collaborate?

Are you a designer, marketer, or do you represent an agency looking for collaboration? With my experience working with both individual professionals and agencies, I'm excellently positioned to assist you. Whether it's for:

  • A large-scale project
  • A small-scale initiative
  • A simple website
  • A complex, multilingual website
  • Or if you're not yet sure what you exactly need

I'm ready to collaborate with you to find the perfect solution for your needs.

"Do you also work with WordPress?"

WordPress is often requested, enough to warrant its own section:

I've worked quite a bit with WordPress in the past. But, to be honest, it no longer makes me happy. Often, WordPress is chosen too quickly and for the wrong reasons, especially for existing websites.

These days, I'm more of a fan of Craft CMS. I truly believe it's a better choice for the long term. For multilingual websites, choosing Craft CMS is really a no-brainer.

Let's first look together at what you exactly need, and then decide which 'tool' is the best fit.


I've worked on a wide variety of projects over the past few years, ranging from small websites to large web applications. Below is a selection of my work.

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