I'm proud of my work

I find presenting my work truly challenging. The essence of my work is hidden behind the visual presentation of a website. While a designer, in consultation with the client, forms an aesthetic vision, my role as a web developer is to technically realize this vision. I work on the underlying structures and code that ensure the website not only looks good, operates smoothly, but is also easily adjustable for administrators.

What I do is build the bridge between the designer's concept and the client's wishes. This requires insight into both the aesthetic desires of the client and the technical possibilities and limitations. It's my job to ensure that the right functionality is built in the right way.

This portfolio offers a glimpse into the projects I have worked on with ❤️.

Vertaalbureau Perfect is a B Corp certified translation agency based in Enschede. I developed and manage their multilingual Craft CMS website. Together, we created a smart method for efficiently managing content within the CMS, allowing for updates to be applied across all 50+ language pages simultaneously. Additionally, we successfully migrated content from the previous CMS to Craft CMS, with a strong emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO) and website speed.

Kixx.nl is an online baby and children's clothing webshop and has been a client I've worked with for the longest, since Kixx's inception in 2005. Starting with a simple custom webshop, we continuously expanded its functionality, eventually streamlining the entire flow from purchase orders and goods receipt to article management, inventory management, order management, packing slips, accounting, etc., ensuring the software evolved with Kixx's needs.

Ruig Smeden offers a unique blacksmithing experience, allowing participants to forge their own knives during multi-day workshops. In 2023, I took over managing their existing site, working with the owner, Gerwin Leus, to enhance it. The site, a multilingual Craft CMS website, uses Craft Commerce to sell workshop tickets, while keeping track of the available spots.

Comedy Club Haug, Rotterdam's first stand-up comedy club, offers daily shows across three stages, showcasing both national and international talent with a diverse lineup of top comedians. I had the opportunity to build a multilingual, headless Craft CMS for them, including a custom integration to sync show data from Stager to the website. Ticket sales are conducted through the Stager platform, with ticket availability updated in real-time on the website. The headless architecture ensures the site can handle high traffic volumes, especially when tickets for well-known comedians go on sale.

Paardenzacht offers healing encounters between humans and horses, specializing in horse coaching and family constellations. The collaboration with Tessa is very rewarding as she knows precisely what she wants, aiming for quality. Based on the brand identity, I built a Craft CMS website for them.