About Niek ten Hoopen

I am Niek ten Hoopen, a web developer from Enschede, and I build user-friendly websites and web applications. I excel in translating your needs into a solution that fits your budget (and if a better solution can be found elsewhere, I will give you that honest answer too).

In 2004, during my studies in HBO Information Engineering, I began building websites, which went very well. Soon after, I developed my first webshops, and everything ran smoothly. However, in 2019, I decided to make a slight turn. I changed the name of my company.

Where Does the Name "Sustainable Developer" Come From?

In 2019, I had the opportunity to undertake a fantastic project. Instead of developing a website myself, I was invited to share my knowledge. I had the privilege of assisting Code Gorilla in coaching 31 students in web development skills. These students, many of whom were from disadvantaged backgrounds, chose to become web developers. This was a 4-month program, and ultimately, it resulted in almost two-thirds of the participants finding jobs during this boot camp.

This was a turning point for me. While my passion had long been focused on social impact and sustainability, I hadn't found a way to integrate it into my work. Shortly after, I decided to rebrand my company as Sustainable Developer. I want to work primarily with organizations that contribute positively to society, making the world a better place - organizations that I want to see succeed.

Core Values

1. Sustainable Digital Strategy

  • Future-proof development: The era of building a new website every 5 years is over. That approach is pure capital wastage and no longer fits the current times.
  • Quality and security: By focusing on quality and regularly cleaning up unused features, I ensure that projects meet safety standards, are easy to maintain, and can be expanded effortlessly.

2. Customer and User Focus

  • Understanding customer needs: My passion lies in truly understanding my clients and delivering solutions that have a lasting impact. Only when I understand the problem can I provide a good solution.
  • Optimization of user experience: Designing with the end-user in mind, aiming to create pleasant, accessible digital experiences.

3. Transparency and Communication

  • Heldere communicatie: Heldere communicatie over technische beslissingen zonder ingewikkeld jargon, waarbij transparantie voorop staat.

4. Collaboration and Partnership

  • Collaborating for results: I am your technical partner. Together, we combine your organizational knowledge with my technical expertise to make the smartest choices. My technical knowledge is nothing without your organizational and
  • Kennisdeling: Mijn werk houdt niet op bij het bouwen van een website. Ik denk graag mee over kansen in de markt.

5. Ethics and Social Responsibility

  • Sustainable and ethical practices: I am strongly committed to responsible business practices, emphasizing ethics and delivering a positive contribution to society.



Niek ten Hoopen